This all feels a little foreign

The Madness of it all

I think Wookie said it best in his song ‘Battle’

"Everyday it’s like a battle… but we’ll overcome.  When we get back in the saddle, faith will bring us home." and before you get all ‘oh here we go a religious nut’, no, I don’t mean faith in the religious sense… I mean faith and belief in ones self.  I can’t be here on this earth going through the madness that I’m going through just to look back at it and say ‘well, at least I have this cardboard box’, no, this struggle must have a meaning.

I guess the meaning is to become a whole person, that can see outside of my own wars, and see the struggle of others.  Experience it through other’s eyes, and assist in anyway possible…Though, in more recent times, that has become really draining.  

Having energy for others without having to replenish your own stock ain’t no joke. 

So, taking a leap of faith and trusting myself to make the right choices for me, has to be the way ahead… even if it is that I’m no longer liked.